Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

Happy Veteran's Day to all sailors, soldiers, airmen and Marines! We take for granted, daily, the rights many have fought and died to give us. For your sacrifice, I humbly honor you.

We had such a nice service in church today. Our pastor had all veterans stand up (him included as he was in the Navy). It was so nice to be able to look each of them in the eye and give them honor with our applause.  I sent my grandpa and email today, thanking him for being brave enough, all those years ago, to join the Navy during WWII. He hates talking on the phone or I would have called him:-)Today, I pray for my cousin, Kelsey, who is a proud Marine and my uncle Steve, who served in the Army during Vietnam and still is affected by what he endured. I pray for my husband's uncle Donald who was just diagnosed Friday with being infected with Agent Orange during Vietnam. He has had health problems off and on for several decades and he now has his answer.

Today I pray for all the families who sent their loved ones off to serve, never to return. They made the supreme sacrifice for me and no amount of praise will ever be enough to thank them for that.
If you know a vet, please shake their hand and tell them Thank You. If you are out to dinner and see a vet, buy his meal.  It is the very least we can do for those who have done so much.

Our pastor ended his sermon with some very wise words in lieu of all the election bruhaha. He said that we are all so aware of and against any type of bullying of our children, but some adults take to bullying on the internet, without a second thought, because they have friends with different opinions and they just can't handle it. So many people think it is okay to belittle anyone who doesn't view things exactly the way they do. Then he said the best.line.ever.  "My God is a mighty God and if the election didn't go the way He planned, don't you think He could have changed it?"
I have never loved a line so much in all my life!! It doesn't matter who anyone voted for. What matters is that we act like adults and provide a model for our children to follow. We get angry when they fuss about not getting their way but don't think twice about threatening people when we aren't getting our way.

Yes, my God is a mighty God. His hand is directing everything. Thank goodness because us humans would muck it up beyond repair! After all, we should be more concerned with the Kingdom of God than with the Kingdom of the United States....

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