Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 More Days....

In 48 hours, from this moment right now, I will be officially on vacation at my destination. I REALLY cannot wait!!! I just found out that we will be having another little one tagging along. I had asked my middle daughter MONTHS ago if I could take her little girl to Disney with us and was basically told "no". Not a problem. I planned the whole vacation around what the 4 of us wanted to do and hubby and I decided to ask our oldest daughter if we could take her 2 little ones with us for a few days. She said yes right away! So our plan was to do all the park stuff we wanted the first 5 days we were there, pick up our grandkids, spend a couple days with them and drop them off on our way back home. Everything was all fine and dandy, all plans had been made and finalized. Then I get a call a couple of days ago, "Mom, do you still want to take Ella to Disney?" Guess who talked to her sister and found out the other 2 kids were going???? Oh well. Now we will be taking two 11 year olds, one 33 month old, one 2 year old (just turned 2 today :))and one 20 month old to Disney....Oh boy, what have I gotten us in to???? At least we will be in a 2 bedroom condo (we are DVC members) and we have a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a full size laundry room. I have been running around the last 2 days trying to get all the things we will need for the little ones. I am so not used to doing that on a grand scale! Between strollers, clothes, shoes, sippy cups, diaper bag, DIAPERS(!!!!) I have completely blown our spending money! I told hubby to NEVER complain that the twins are expensive! Little ones have a lot of STUFF! Thank goodness I have a Suburban. Every seat will either have a rear end or a car seat occupying it. The cargo area will be stuffed to the gills with a suitcase, gear for the babies, gear for the not-babies-anymore, pillows, blankets, groceries and a cooler. Gotta have the cooler. May even need to bring the big one. I hate having to grocery shop out of town so I tend to pack stuff and bring it with me. I have a bunch of stuff going. Probably too much... Nah. We got the Dining Plan so I don't have to worry about meals except for breakfast and we are an easy bunch to please for breakfast. AND we will be taking the Keurig!!! I absolutely will NOT vacation without my coffee maker!!! The condo has a coffee pot but I adore my Keurig coffee maker! It is an addiction for me!!!
I hate all the work that I talk myself into doing before a vacation. I hate coming home to a dirty house so I have to clean RIGHT before we leave! For some reason, I even decided that all the throw rugs, shower curtains, dog bowls and cat bowls have to be cleaned before we leave. Who the heck needs to do that????   ME! Plus the truck has to  be washed and cleaned out even though it will be trashed 5 minutes into the drive! I think I have a sickness...Man I hope there is a cure because my butt is tired!!! My crazy cooking session last week has been a real blessing though. I really haven't had to cook anything other than thawing something and sticking it in the oven or crockpot to reheat. Everything has been REALLY good too! Especially the Taco Soup last night. Sometime I will post the recipe because it is a keeper! Tonight is lasagna. I only premade the sauce so I had to layer everything and cheese it up but I just pulled out a loaf of French Bread that I made and froze and that is our side dish. Does that count? There are veggies in the sauce and fruit in the oatmeal raisin cookies I made for dessert so I think I have all the food groups covered:)
My oven beeper will be going off soon so, until next time.....Oh yeah, funny little thing my son said the other night. We were in the truck and I turned the radio down so hubby and I could talk, twins were watching a movie in the back anyway. So a few minutes go by and my son says "Hey, did you hear that?" I said "What". Smart aleck son says "My point exactly. Turn the radio back up".

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