Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Since the new tv viewing season has yet to start, my hubby has been finding, shall we say, interesting shows for us to watch at night. He started off with the Nat Geo channel and we learned all kinds of interesting things about weird animals, weird places and weird people. But NOTHING can compare to what he found on the Animal Planet channel. There is a show called Hillbilly Handfishing and if you have never seen it, you are truly missing out on one of lifes guilty pleasures! I had heard of handfishing, also called noodling, before and was really not interested in watching people do it until I actually saw them do it. The gist is you get into some really murky water and you search around until you find a hole underwater. Then you stick an appendage (arm, leg, hand, thigh whatever will fit) into it and feel around for a catfish. Once you feel him, now here's the interesting part, you stick your hand (or foot) into its mouth and grab him when he bites down and yank him out. Trust me, my description CANNOT do it justice! People actually will pay to have a fish try and eat them. Some of the fish are what I would call "regular" sized-7 to 15 lbs, but on one of the episodes, the guy pulled out a 70 lb catfish! It was huge!!! And don't think for one second that these fish don't bite-HARD. One of the girls pulled her hand out of the fish's mouth and her knuckles were all bloody. Another had a fish take a chunk out of her finger.  I like to think of myself as someone who really isn't afraid of much but I just cannot fathom sticking my hand into a hole that I cannot see and feeling around for a fish. With my luck, I would probably find the hole with the alligator just waiting for some dumb redneck to stick her hand in its mouth!

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