Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sorry posts have been so inconsistent for the past few months. I really wish I had time to post something witty, insightful or educational every day. I REALLY wish I had something witty, insightful or educational to SAY on a daily basis but sometimes the work of just "being" takes up a lot of time. Right now I am staring at a counter full of ripe tomatoes that, if I don't do something with them in the next 4 seconds, they will rot. But, before I can do anything with them, I have to clean out about 40 jars of old canned stuff from the beginning of my canning days. You know, the ones before I actually knew what I was doing and used past-its-prime produce which is now inedible but still taking up valuable pantry shelf space. Then, once that is done, I have 7 pounds of fresh cherries to do something with. I have picked out some canning recipes in my Ball Blue Book but, again, I need to get those doggone jars cleaned out! I would just start on them right now but hubby needs me to do some mowing so he can start burning old branches, grass and how-knows-what-else-is-in-those-piles! We have finally gotten enough rain that if his burning were to get away from him, it can't go far. Speaking of rain, the other night we had a doozy of a storm. Came up out of nowhere and there was a mini tornado in it. Passed right in back of the house. Blew down all kinds of branches and, for about, 10 seconds, whipped up everything in front of the windows and blocked the entire yard from sight! It was a little scary because there was a bolt of lightning that struck so close the light was in the house and the boom really hurt our ears. Lots of downed branches but we only lost power for a few seconds. That was good because I was right in the middle of cooking dinner. Lord knows, we don't like anything delaying a meal for us!!! Hubs spent some time yesterday picking up the big limbs with the tractor so the twins get to spend some time today picking up the little ones with the Buggie. They don't really mind doing that because they get to drive the Buggie all around the property. That is freedom in the eyes of a 12 year old!
Great news...We are getting a pool!!! It is just an above ground one because we will be building a new house in a few years but it is being installed by an actual pool company. No more Walmart pool for us. We bought one last year and it was a piece of junk. Then pump was no where strong enough to circulate the water so we had lots of problems with algae and really icky stuff even though we tested the water often and cleaned it once a week. Our new pool is a little bigger than the last and it comes with an automatic pool cleaner. Woohoo!! Hopefully, it will be installed Monday or Tuesday. We really miss being able to jump into a nice cool pool after working in the hot sun all day. When we do build the new house, we will have an inground pool put in. I told hubs to make sure he budgets for a nice one!
I have begun crocheting again kind of regularly. I have decided that I will make baby blankets for all the children born in our church. So far, I have given away 2 blankets (1 boy, 1 girl). Like an idiot, I forgot to take pictures of them. They turned out beautifully if I do say so myself! A friend of my mom's taught her and I to crochet when I was 8. I hadn't really done much of it in the last few years and I just felt the urge to be creative. Now, I work a bit on it each night when we sit down to watch tv. I hate for my hands to be idle if I'm sitting down, so this works MUCH better than using my hands to bring food to my mouth!
I guess it's time to go wrap up the leftover pancakes and stick them in the freezer and get to work. Honestly, I will try to get back here more regularly.

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