Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day

I have the BEST kids in the world!!! I know, every mother says that, but mine are pretty awesome. It started Saturday. I had bought my MIL some flowers and pretty pots for Mother's Day and I was planting the flowers in the pots. I had a plant that I had meant to transplant months ago but, like most things, it got forgotten about. So I decided to go ahead and replant it while I had the stuff out. My daughter started to panic. Apparently, I was messing up part of my gift from her. She had bought me a new pot to put that particular plant in and here I was about to plant it into something else. So I got part of my presents early. She bought me an herb container and a pot for my plant. My son got me a wonderful smelling candle (can you ever have enough candles??). Hubs decided it would be easier to go out to eat that night instead of fighting the crowd on Sunday so he took us all to Longhorn (one of my faves). Sunday morning I received very sweet cards from my kids and my daughter wrote me a poem. She wanted to put it into my choirbook so I would find it during church and start crying (She thinks it is funny that I cry over EVERYTHING!) but I didn't bring my book home so she gave it to me while I was drinking my coffee. Yes, I got a bit teary! They are such great kids. They kept the bickering down to almost nothing, they sang a beautiful song in church for all the mothers and then they took us and my parents to a beautiful lunch afterwards. We even had tablecloths on the tables (running joke between my parents and me). I got control of the remote once we got home and we watched Mommie Dearest. Now my kids see just how good they have it! After a wonderful dinner of crepes prepared by hubby and my boy, we relaxed a bit more before going to bed. I went to sleep knowing that I have been blessed with a husband, son and daughter that I love more than anything on this Earth. Thank you Lord for them!

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