Friday, May 11, 2012

We drank the whole thing? Water Kefir Update

I finished "brewing" my first batch of water kefir. It filled up a quart jar. It lasted 2 days. I'm sad. It was good. I want more. Good thing I started a new batch. It will take a week before I can drink it. I am sad again. *sigh* I could have gotten another day out of it if the twins would have stayed out of it. They loved the stuff. But I made it for ME! It said on the sheet that came with the grains not to drink more than a half cup a day until you see how it reacts in your gut. Nice. Well, the only reaction so far has been a little bit of *ahem* gas. Nothing major. A little more than usual, but I am pretty sure you have no interest in knowing that! Just a warning, if you drink it, you will fart. I'm hoping that part will go away...soon. The taste of the kefir is really, really good! I had some raspberry syrup that I bought when I went to the Biltmore Estate forever ago and mixed it in. Just a little bit to color it. Divine. I cannot wait for the next batch to get done. I think I will hide it in my room and drink it by myself. No one would know...and I would win the fart game every time!

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  1. I have been brewing water kefir for a few months now. It blew me up at first and did all kinds of crazy things to my digestive system. I think maybe I made it too strong and drank it too fast..but the stuff is just so darn good. I use lots of organic juices to flavor mine with and white grape with it reminds me of a light sweet white wine. I gave up on qt jars. I got a big 2.5 gallon jar in my kitchen going all the time. I no longer measure anything. When the grains get a few inches thick on the bottom, I either serve them for desert with a little bit of raw milk, honey & a sprinkle of cinnamon and they are always a welcomed treat, give some away or store them in the fridge. I have found that If I do not want to mess with it for a few days doing a double ferment, I just sprinkle a little sugar in the jar and give it a stir when I walk long as their are a good amount floaters and bubbles, I let it be, when it starts to look inactive, I just dump a little sugar in the jar, give it a gentle stir and watch it fizz. Yummmm


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