Thursday, December 8, 2011

I just heard the news that Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage with her 20th child. I know what people are saying. "They have no business having 20 kids", "A woman's body isn't meant to do that", blah blah blah. I, for one, applaud their conviction to have as many children as the Lord blesses them with. I mean He designed the woman's body and I believe that He knows exactly what it is capable of. Who are we to judge ANYONE???? They lost a child and I feel very badly for them. I feel a bit of a bond with her. No, I only have 5 kids and I have never miscarried but my twins were born 3 months premature just like her little Josie was. I know EXACTLY what it feels like to see this extremely tiny human being struggling for survival and knowing that the only thing you can do is pray. We were very lucky in that our twins were only in the NICU for 70 days and not for the 4 or 5 months Josie was and ours didn't have any major health dramas other than being too small to breathe and eat on their own. I am very blessed to have them all healthy and my heart aches for the Duggar family. I cannot even fathom losing a child. Yet even in the midst of their heartbreak, their response is that they know God gives out the blessings and He can surely take them at any time He chooses. May the Lord continue to bless this family as they are a true lights in what can be a very dark world.

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