Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered...

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were living 100 years ago? I have been doing that a lot lately. Right now, hubby would be out working the animals or tending to the farm in some way instead of stuck in the office where he only gets to see his farm through the window most of the time. I imagine my daily life would look a lot like it does now...minus all the "conveniences". I would be in the kitchen cooking the meals and getting ahead on baking for the week (hmmm, that sounds familiar). While things were cooking I would probably be doing some laundry-on the washboard instead of the washing machine. I think about what I wouldn't miss about life right now-TV,phones, computers, etc. I really think I could go back and *gasp* enjoy myself. Oh sure, I wouldn't want to do it during the summer when it was blistering hot and there is no A/C. I would also have to time it between potty breaks because I can't use a port-a-potty much less an outhouse! No, if there could be a moment in time that I would like to experience from back then, it would be in the winter at night after dinner and chores, when everyone is gathered around the fire. I would be in my rocking chair doing some kind of sewing or knitting. Hubby would be sitting in his rocker. Unfortunately, he would probably be chewing his tobacco, but this is my dream so he is sitting in his rocking chair whittling a piece of wood. The twins would be lying on the floor drawing a picture. There would also be more least 3 or 4.  Shhhh, don't tell hubby. He thinks I am finished with babies :) It would be quiet except for the winter wind blowing outside. Ahhh, that sounds like pure heaven to me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful, joyful Christmas. Ours was very simple, again. The twins each got only a few gifts from us but both of them have said that this Christmas was the BEST by far. They were so thankful to us, saying it and showing it. It just proves what I have been thinking for awhile-kids don't need a lot of STUFF! I think when parents and families buy tons of toys for kids, it just overwhelms them. Then they begin to think that they should ALWAYS get that much stuff, that they DESERVE it. That just leads to a lot of disappointment for little Johnny and little Susie when they grow up and realize that they are not the center of the universe and that the world doesn't really care what they want. Better to learn these lessons now, while they are young. Spoiled, entitled children grow up to be spoiled, entitled adults and we all know a few of those!!! ANYWAY.....

New Years Resolutions anyone???? Me neither! I no longer make them because I NEVER keep them. It's like being on a diet that's too restrictive. Sooner or later (we all know it will be sooner) you cheat. Then you cheat some more. Soon, it's January 2nd and your resolutions have long been forgotten. To stick with the diet analogy, we always say we will start our diet on Monday. What is wrong with today, right now? Same with resolutions, we wait until January 1st to "improve"our life. Why? I say if you see a need for change right now then make the change right now. Don't wait. What if January 1st never comes??????

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