Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am finished. Done. Finito. Finished with what you ask??? Finished with all Christmas dress rehearsals, programs and parties! We had our final program Sunday night and I have been basking in the finished afterglow ever since. I am ALMOST finished with Christmas shopping, too, which leaves me only the homemade gifts to put together. I cannot believe it! Usually I am running around, last minute, going here and there right up until Christmas Eve. Not this year. I think I could get used to this. I may even, dare I say, enjoy the holidays. Wow!

This afternoon, I will be taking a nice leisurely trip to town with my daughter so she can do her Christmas shopping. We will go have lunch together and hit a few local stores. Tomorrow I will do the same with my son. Geez, how did I rate 2 lunches out in one week???

My husband had asked me about a month ago to make some curtains for his office because one of the guys was being blinded from 10 am to 3pm and the other from 3pm to whenever. Well, I am NOT a sewer person who sews (it isn't really a sewer is it??)so it took me about a week to do one curtain. It didn't come out too bad. No pics of it cuz I just forgot but it was green with camo trim. Not bad for my first curtain. I will take a pic of the second one when I get a chance to finish it. WHICH should be this week because I HAVE NO OTHER OBLIGATIONS OUTSIDE OF MY HOME!!!!! I am really happy about that!!!

We are in the final stages of pecan picking. And by picking, I mean, bending over and picking those infernal nuts up from under all the doggone leaves that have fallen on them. We have a choice. Use the rolling thing that picks up ALL the nuts (good, bad, hulls attached) then sit and sort through each nut and picking off any attached hulls OR picking them up by hand, inspecting them, tossing any bad ones and putting them in the going-to-market bin. Really, there is no easy way to do it unless you pay someone ELSE to pick them up but then where is the adventure in that? One of our trees dropped a REALLY BIG limb about 2 months ago. It was LOADED with immature nuts and I was heartsick that they would all go bad. However, enough of the limb was holding on to the tree that it was still getting some nutrients and ALL the nuts matured. I go out there and pick them off the limb every couple of days. It is so nice to stand up straight and harvest :) Soon hubby will go out and cut the branch down and chop it up for firewood. I LOVE the smell of pecan wood. I would totally buy cologne that smells like it. One of our cats likes to sleep in the pecan trees and she always smells soooooo good. I have been known to pick her up and just sniff away. Yeah, she really doesn't like that much but dang she smells good!

I guess I really should go get ready for my shopping trip today. My completely optional only because I want to shopping trip....

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