Sunday, February 24, 2013


I just realized that the title makes it sound as though I am complaining about where I am. Oh my friends, far from it. I am utterly content with where I am physically. This morning I woke up in my favorite place (other than home)......Disney World!!!!!

This was not planned, just a happy problem fix. See, I had made plans to go to Florida to a) see my cousin's very sweet, very new baby. Ohhh, he is a keeper! Little Mark was born on February 8 and I have been DYING to get to Fort Myers to see him. And b) do a jewelry show at my aunt's house. She so graciously offered her home for a show...okay, I maybe sorta told her I was going to do one at her house anyway whether she said yes or no. Lucky for me, she loves me and agreed to host one.

So, originally my mom was supposed to go with me as this is her side of the family that we were visiting, but a few days before we left, she got a really bad cold. Seeing as how she didn't want to get the baby sick, she decided to stay home. Hubby didn't want me driving down by myself (twins were with me but can't drive if I get sick) because I was still trying to shake off the last little bit of my cold.
So he said he could take a few days off and go with me. YAY!!!!

I talked to my cousin, who is the assistant general manager of a resort, and asked her to get  me 2 rooms. The night before we leave, she tells me that the hotel is really full and could we get by with only room. Now, her resort is beautiful. Nice big suites with a bedroom and a pull out couch in the living room. Yes, we could squeeze into one room for 2 nights. I got off the phone and told hubby we would all be sharing a room. The twins were highly upset about this as that meant they would have to share a bed, which is the sibling equivalent to death. Then I made a little joking comment about how we should just stay at Disney and drive down to Fort Myers to do the show and see the baby from there. I was seriously kidding. Hubby looked at me and said "book it". WHAT???? I told him I was just joking. He said that we still have vacation points available (read about our Disney Vacation Club here.)so we might as well use them and then we don't have to pay for a hotel room. Yes, this is one of the many reasons I love this man of mine. He is pure genius! So we called DVC and, unfortunately, they didn't have any 2 bedroom villas for Friday night but Saturday night and Sunday night were available. We had planned to come home Sunday but hubby said he didn't want to spend just one night at Disney so we will go home Monday instead. If you knew hubby, you would realize how out of character this is for him. He is Mr. I have to Work and can't have any Fun.

After I loved the baby from afar (yeah not holding him was rough!) and did my show for my aunt (got her some free bling in the process) we headed here to our home away from home. I truly love this place. We aren't going to any parks or anything. Just going to chill at the resort and walk around Downtown Disney. We are proof that you can have just as much fun going to Disney and NOT going to the parks as you can going to them. Of course, going to the parks is lots of fun, too! We already have a week planned in September where we will "do everything" but for now, relaxing and just being here is more than enough.

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